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Rejlers is one of the largest engineering consultancy firms in the Nordic region. Our service offerings are founded on continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

Home of the
learning minds

Learning and our people are our most important assets. Rejlers is a platform for continuous learning, development and growth. At the cutting edge of technology, we create a sustainable future through knowledge.

The three main components of our vision Home, Learning and Minds capture all of the important aspects of our promise. We are a home to our employees and our customers, a home built on trust and openness. With our approach to always embrace the most complex challenges of today and tomorrow, combined with continuous learning, we develop and inspire each other, our customers and partners.

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Net Sales 2022, billion SEK
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Working at Rejlers

With processes and systems for learning, we are constantly exploring and evolving.

Our open, collegial culture allows knowledge to be transferred between colleagues, regardless of the country in which they find themselves or the field in which they work. Every employee is a source of knowledge, and everyone learns – every day.

We attract ambitious, talented individuals – both those who are new to their professions and those who are more established – and we are building the industry’s most dynamic network through diverse and innovative partnerships.

Core values

Open Source Culture

With a culture of knowledge and a curious mindset, we are constantly learning new things, both from each other and through our projects. We willingly share each other’s knowledge and insights across all areas of operation. With the latest technology and our extensive expertise, we bring new knowledge to our customers and help them make choices that contribute to a sustainable future.

Love the Challenge

We take on major challenges with enthusiasm, and confront them with innovative solutions, that may have never been seen before. Acquired knowledge is used throughout the business and prepares our customers for the future to come. It is in our DNA to seek solutions that lasts over time and there is no greater challenge than building a sustainable society. We want to take the lead in this transition.

Brilliant Networks

Both Rejlers as a company and our employees as individuals make use of networks which let us combine the speed and adaptability of a smaller company with large-scale expertise. Our unique partner networks let us tailor solutions to meet specific needs, while extensive contacts within both business and academia provide us with the latest knowledge of new and sustainable technologies.

Our promise

Our clients benefit from our in-depth expertise and our extensive network of dedicated specialists. We will never stop learning and will always provide the very best advice and know-how available.

Decades of

Since its foundation in 1942, Rejlers has always had the ability to acquire new knowledge for building modern communities. At 80 we are the Home of the Learning Minds, remaining as agile and alert to new needs as ever and offering our customers relevant expertise at the absolute cutting-edge of technology. Creating a sustainable future through knowledge, we know what makes tomorrow work. To read more about our history visit our history timeline.


We make society more sustainable

To meet the global sustainability challenges, today’s society requires a rapid transition in which infrastructure, industries and buildings must become smarter and more efficient. At Rejlers, we are actively contributing to this transition.

We accomplish this through solutions that are strengthening our customers’ competitiveness while at the same time future-proofing their businesses and our societies.

The learning company!

Rejlers Play is our channel for knowledge and inspiration, headed by our Head of Learning Jesper Börjesson.

Subscribe to Rejlers Play on YouTube and become a fast Learner.

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